Welcome to Sue's Garden where Flowers are Forever!

Have you fallen in love with your flowers? What if they could be frozen in time to keep forever?

Preserving your special occasion flowers into a custom designed framed keepsake is a beautiful way to showcase and remember the day that these flowers became part of your story.

Floral Preservation is our Passion!

Let’s get started!

  • Contact us via email, text or phone call for your consultation before your event or to arrange for drop off of your flowers if your event has taken place.

  • If your event has taken place and you have your flowers in hand don't delay! It is urgent that your flowers are processed for preservation as soon as possible while they are fresh for best results. 

  •  Keep your flowers in water and refrigerated.  This will help them stay fresh until you get them to us.  We may loose a few blooms and petals as time goes by but we can salvage them.  We have a few tricks up our sleeves.  

  • Once we receive your flowers along with a deposit we immediately begin the preservation process. There is ample time while your flowers are preserving to decide on framing and design details.

It's Never Too Late!


 We can recreate any arrangement or design from a photograph or memory. If your flowers are dried and forgotten in a box in your closet…we can work magic!




Investing In Memories

  • Your keepsake is so unique to you, that each order requires a custom quote.

  • An average final price for a medium to large keepsake ( 16x12x4”) is $450.00. This price can go up or down depending on the size, design and framing choices that you make.

  • Price quotes include floral preservation, color enhancement, additional items (photos, invitations, memoribilia), design and framing.

  • Your floral preservation keepsake requires many steps and is labor intensive. (See Methods)

  • The final balance less your deposit is due when your keepsake is completed and ready for pick up.

  • We accept Cash, Venmo or a Personal Check.

 A Labor Of Love

  The Preservation Process

We have adapted the ancient art of using specialized sands to preserve your flowers and foilage. This method is cost efficient and energy free which helps to keeps our overhead cost in check so that we can pass the savings to you.

  • As soon as we receive your flowers we photograph the arrangement and then dissasemble it so that we can inventory and hydrate each flower before we start the presevation process.

  • When the flowers are ready for processing they are placed one at a time into the sands and then each flower is carefully burried making sure each petal is in it’s place.

  • After the flowers are completely free of all moisture (3-4 weeks) they are carefully removed from their sandy nap.  Each flower is wired and taped for handling during color enhancement.  

  • Flowers are then painted one at a time using airbrushing and other techniques depending on the types of flower and the natural fading that occurs.  This process will ensure that the flower's colors won't fade over time.  Because every flower, leafage and bit of foliage is a unique plant and texture we can not promise that they will be the same color or shape as when they were alive and fresh.  We do our best to get as close as we can.

  • Flowers are then designed along with items of your choice into your framing option to reflect the original photographs or custom redesigned per your request.   

  • There a many steps and decisions to be made to create your perfect keepsake memory.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  The time it takes to complete your keepsake depends on how long it takes for you to make the creative custom decisions needed to finish your keepsake.  There is no hurry on our end and we understand that these decisions take time.  

Sue’s Garden

Est. 2000

Located in Orange County California

Susie Clisson is a native California Girl who grew up playing in her Father's rose garden in the City of Orange Ca. It was during those years that she baecame obsessed with flowers and foilage. Susie experimented with pressed petals and different drying methods and turned these experiements into floral art. She gave her art away as gifts to friends and family. She then started to receive request for custom pieces and decided to turn her passion into a business.

Susie knows that each keepsake is a very personal and special memory for each customer. Her passion and love for preserving flowers and memories is sprinkled into every keepsake she creates in her garden.