Out of The Box

This trio of hearts was crafted from a box of dried bouquets from this customer’s engagement, wedding and sister’s wedding. She wanted each event to be represented by the flowers she had saved and had no idea how to make this happen. We were able to use the petals and ribbons from the three bouqeuts to create these floral hearts representing her three very specail occasions so she could disply her memories to be enjoyed by all.

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Ellen's Daughter.JPG

Flowers are the colors, smells and textures of nature that grace us on all occasions.  They are the poinsettia reds of winter holidays, the pastel colors of a spring bouquet, hot white roses of summer backyards and the sunflower orange yellows of a fall harvest. 

Where there is an engagement, wedding, graduation, loss, guilt, love, anniversary, new baby, sickness or congratulations FLOWERS are many times part of the story.

Our FLOWERTALES BLog is our way of telling the stories behind each keepsake created in Sue’s Garden. Let the FLOWERTALES begin!